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About Us

The DUOMI s.r.l. was founded in 2012, it was born from the professional experience gained by Eng. Guglielmo Migliorino and Eng. Marco Migliorino in the design of infrastructure, with particular emphasis on maritime works, and in the field of the environment.

The DUOMI s.r.l. it's a dynamic and growing, specializing in all major sectors of civil engineering: transport infrastructure, maritime works and coastal, water and environmental engineering, civil and industrial.

In these fields the DUOMI s.r.l. it's able to perform a wide range of consulting services including:

  • Topographic and bathymetric acquisition and graphic rendering through computerized systems;
  • Preparation of studies, reports, consulting, geological and geotechnical surveys;
  • Studies and consultations hydraulic maritime;
  • Preparing drawings and mapping;
  • Preparing environmental impact studies and preparation of Environmental Impact Studies;
  • Administrative Support to the activities of the person responsible for the procedure;
  • Preliminary, final and integrated transport infrastructure, maritime, residential and industrial.
  • Design of system technologies and renewable energy;
  • Drafting of the Port Master Plans;
  • Coordination for the design and execution of work under Decree no. 81/2008 et seq.;
  • Work management, and business consulting at run jobs (Detailed design).